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NEXTSOLUTION is a company dedicated to providing IT Solutions, taking into account the specific needs of each client. We understand the concerns and difficulties that arise daily, as well as those derived from the planning, implementation, and maintenance of a formal system structure. NEXTSOLUTION defines itself as a company of advanced IT services.

Being aware of the importance of technological updates in business development, our main objective is to incorporate and implement new technologies to achieve higher performance of IT resources. We aim to minimize the impact that this process has on the company's dynamics. To achieve this, we establish the following fundamental mechanisms:

  • Protection of the client's investment.
  • Direct and personalized approach.
  • Compliance with industry standards.
  • In-depth study of the company's needs.
  • Development of customized solutions.
  • Monitoring the evolution of implemented solutions.

Our company is composed of a group of trained and experienced individuals in the design, development, and implementation of new technologies. We have a team of specialized technicians in various sub-areas that constitute our scope of action, allowing us to provide comprehensive and personalized services. We strive to share our accumulated experience with our clients through our advisory, training, and problem-solving IT services.



At Next Solution, we create customized solutions to meet all the needs of your business. Our team has extensive knowledge and experience in software development, allowing us to offer exceptional quality service. We specialize in critical applications for every type of business and adopt a shared management approach to ensure outstanding results.

Additionally, we provide a strong combination of industry knowledge, market experience, and IT solutions, along with outsourcing capabilities and technical support. These capabilities enable companies to enhance their revenue and optimize their operations for greater efficiency.


With extensive experience in online ticketing and product sales, we offer personalized and value-added solutions based on leading complex management software for cinemas, theaters, and stadiums (such as Vista Cinema and E-wave Cinema Suite). Additionally, we have a wide range of proprietary solutions for the industry.

Our developments cover online and on-site ticket sales, ticket printing, access control, loyalty systems, self-service kiosks, voucher management, and B2B web services, among others.


The growth of e-commerce and e-commerce platforms is driven by the progressive adoption of new technologies. To launch or improve an online store, it is essential to have a proper strategy.

Based on our acquired knowledge and experience, we provide support and guidance to companies to achieve the success of their online store.


We provide our clients with a wide range of hosting services, dedicated servers, cloud storage and processing, as well as high-performance solutions, all tailored to the requirements of your company.

Thanks to our partnerships with leading data centers at both national and international levels, we can offer services at any scale, ensuring the most demanding service level agreements. We have the knowledge, skills, and infrastructure necessary to protect your online business.

Helpdesk Outsourcing

Outsourcing support processes with a trusted partner will allow you to focus on adding value to your business.

Our Helpdesk service is designed to meet both the operational, administrative, and security requirements of the technological infrastructure, as well as the support needs of your end users.

We offer Helpdesk outsourcing with service contracts that easily adapt to the needs of each client, achieving an excellent cost-benefit ratio in a service that exceeds the best practices of the current industry.

IT Services

We provide comprehensive management of your company's technological infrastructure. With this service, you can ensure maximum quality for all your operations and constant monitoring of the proper functioning of your systems.

We offer a team of specialists in various areas who will assist you with everything you need, including remote hands services, border services, backup and restoration, monitoring and reporting services, software operation, and database administration.

Google Workspace

As official distributors of Google Cloud solutions and all the cloud-based productivity and collaboration tools from Google, we offer advisory, migration, configuration, and training services.

NextSolution and Google Workspace will allow your company to achieve the highest level of productivity and focus on tasks that are truly important to your business.


We work to help you define your technology investments more efficiently, from design, implementation, and integration, to support and assistance.

We will be a business partner aligned with your strategic objectives, providing reliability and efficiency in your processes. Since software implementations involve significant organizational change, we will accompany you, taking into account the organizational culture of your company.


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